Steve Berer

My writing career spans forty years. Most of my work has been devoted to composing long narrative poems that explore the clash between the real and the ideal, in the lives of historical figures and people I have known.

As I reconstruct these lives, so I reconstruct English, in an effort to achieve heightened and multi-dimensional perspectives. This latter has been a slow, evolutionary process, requiring the re-thinking of spelling, grammar, and the conceptual implications of linguistic structures. I believe that restructuring language is an essential task if we are to build more insightful and effective psychological models, and more realistic and accurate assessments of the quantum mechanical world we live in.

In addition to writing poetry, I am also an educator, focusing primarily, but not exclusively on Jewish history and literature. In the spirit of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira, my goal is to find and ignite the soul sparks of each student.

And finally, I am a bookbinder, illustrator, and gilder. For over 30 years I have been creating illuminated manuscripts and hand-made books. I have also taught those crafts, both in workshops and private classes.