The art and craft of producing books

I have been working in the book arts for more than 40 years, often, but not exclusively in the service of presenting my writing in the most beautiful forms possible. 'Book arts' for me includes calligraphy, illustration, illumination (gold work), hand binding, printmaking, and ebook production. In addition to producing hand made books with traditional signature bindings, I have also experimented with a variety of non-traditional methods for presenting literary works, as well as producing stand-alone woodblock prints, border designs, illuminations, and amulets. 

For my illuminated borders, I have developed a method of hand-grinding semi-precious stones into a coarse powder, and using the different colored powders to create designs that shimmer as the light refracts off the stones. I am one of the only artists in the world working in this method.

I also use a technique developed by medieval masters of layering gold leaf to create a three-dimensionality in my illuminations, amulets, and shivitis. It creates the appearance of liquid gold having been poured onto the page.

The gallery below is a small sampling of my art. If you are interested in commissioning a work, or working on a bespoke bookbinding project together, you can contact me here.