Writings: poetry and prose

My writing career spans forty years. It includes the writing of short stories, travelogues, essays, and some political rants. However, most of my work has been devoted to composing long narrative poems that explore the clash between the real and the ideal, in the lives of historical figures and people I have known.

As I reconstruct these lives, so I reconstruct English, in an effort to achieve heightened and multi-dimensional perspectives. This latter has been a slow, evolutionary process, requiring the re-thinking of spelling, grammar, and the conceptual implications of linguistic structures. I do this because I believe that restructuring language is an essential task if we are to build more insightful and effective psychological models, and more realistic and accurate assessments of the quantum mechanical world we live in.

As you scroll down this page you will find...

First, a collection of images which you can click on to view in a slide show.

Second, the opening scenes from a few selected poems, composed in the new language I am developing. The two examples from The Song ov Elmallahz Kumming show an early stage in the development of my new language, not so different from normal English. They are followed by The Atternen Juez Talen, Era 1, which shows the current state of my "meta-English", or "steevspell" as it has been dubbed.

Third, the opening scenes from two prose works, two travelogues of sorts, Ottoman Beachcomber and A Pilgrimmage tu Jerusalem. I think you will find them easy and delightful to read.

Finally, I have included a collection of 8 essays in which I discuss some of the core ideas at the foundation of my transformations of English. The series begins with a fun little essay, 'Wy Du I Rite So Funnee?' and becomes progressively more challenging, ending with 'Quantum Mechanics and Language'.


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On my transformations of English

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  1. Wy du I Rite So Funnee?

  2. Textalk and Steevspell

  3. Grammatical Complexity in Standard English

  4. Poetry as Visionary Inducement

  5. Literary Complexity and its Antithesis, Ambiguity

  6. A Memorable Fancy

  7. A Brief Unpacking of Nite, In 2 Howzez

  8. Quantum Mechanics and Language